Hello Everyone,

We’ve got a neat little update to share about our project, the ‘Prepare Sprint Retrospective’ Jira Cloud App. We deeply believe in the importance of honest retrospectives for developing high-quality products. That’s why we created this app in the first place – to aid development teams in facilitating better retrospectives.

Thanks to your feedback we’re introducing a practical upgrade to the app: Customizable Feedback Form Questions. With this feature, Scrum Masters can now tailor the feedback form questions at the project level, making each retrospective as relevant and valuable as possible to each unique team.

Introducing a Premium Version

This new feature will be part of a Premium Version of our app. But rest assured, all the existing functionality of our ‘Prepare Sprint Retrospective’ App will continue to be freely accessible. This premium update just offers a bit more flexibility for those who need it.

We will be launching the Premium Version soon and hope that some of you will find this additional level of customization beneficial.

Exploring the New Feature: Customizable Feedback Form Questions

Here’s what you can do with this new functionality:

1. Add New Questions: You can now add new questions to your feedback form. These can be text-based or use a smiley rating system to make giving feedback more intuitive and user-friendly. Each question consists of a title and an optional explanation, allowing you to provide context if necessary.

Customize questions screen
The new screen where Scrum Masters can customize questions.

2. Edit Existing Questions: You’re no longer tied to the original set of questions. Feel free to edit them as you see fit based on the evolving needs of your team and the project.

3. Inactivate Unnecessary Questions: We understand that some questions might become irrelevant over time. This new feature allows you to inactivate those questions, keeping your feedback form streamlined and focused.

4. Arrange Questions: With the new drag and drop functionality, you can arrange the order of the questions to suit the particular topics or issues you want to address.

5. Project-Level Customization: All these customizations can be done at the project level. This means that Scrum Masters can adapt the feedback form for each project, making it even more relevant and useful.

Seamless Upgrade Experience

We understand how important your existing settings and feedback records are, so we’ve made the transition to our new Premium Version as seamless as possible.

When you upgrade to the Premium Version of ‘Prepare Sprint Retrospective’, all your existing data remains intact. This means you can start using the new features without any interruption to your ongoing work or loss of valuable insights from your previous sprints.

Moreover, the familiar interface and functionality of our app remains almost the same, making the transition to the upgraded version effortless and intuitive.

Your Feedback is appreciated

While we’re excited about this update, our journey with this app is an ongoing process. So if there’s something you particularly appreciate about the ‘Prepare Sprint Retrospective’ App or if you have some enhancements in mind that could make your experience better, we would love to hear from you. Your insights help us to continue improving the app and ensure it remains a powerful aid for Scrum Masters as they prepare sprint retrospectives.

We believe that this level of flexibility and control will empower Scrum Masters to conduct more effective and meaningful retrospectives, leading to better products and a more collaborative team environment. Thank you for your interest.

Pascal and Patrick