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Identify the real sprint problems. Define more effective action points. All based on better feedback from your team.

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How it helps you as Scrum Master


By enabling your team to write down their impressions of the current sprint at any time, you get more accurate and better feedback.


The feedback of your team enables you to easily prepare for the Sprint Retrospective. You already know the biggest pain points and can prepare for suitable action points. 


Your Sprint Retrospectives will be more efficient and therefore more appreciated. Also your Team will be able to define more accurate action points together.

How Prepare Sprint Retrospective works 

The Prepare Sprint Retrospective App is completely integrated in Atlassian Jira Cloud. Just install the App from the Atlassian Marketplace and activate your desired Jira Scrum projects.

It helps you find the real sprint pains and understand the problems of your team.

Activate the App for your desired Jira Scrum projects

After the installation you simply activate all the projects you wish to receive feedback. Only the defined Scrum Master will be able see the feedback provided.

Let your team members give feeedback

On the activated projects all members will be able to give you feedback for all sprints.

Understand what’s going on

The collected impersonal feedback gives you an honest overview of the real pain points and highlights of the sprints.

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